Frigidaire Garage Heater Kit 5303918301 + Easy-Install Switching System

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This kit is designed to allow your refrigerator to run properly in cold weather, as well as allow the owner to shut off the heater when needed, saving time and money.

When a standard garage heater kit is installed to a refrigerator, it forces the unit to run non-stop. Without a way to stop the heater running, it will run constantly even in spring, summer and fall causing higher electric bills and a lower lifespan of the refrigerator. With the addition of an inline switch, you can cut power to the heater only, without needing to disassemble the unit and remove the heater kit after each winter season.

To install the kit, you only need a 3/4" drill bit, and a screwdriver to remove the cold control assembly and defrost timer to install the switch and heater kit.

This set includes the following:

  • ERP Brand 5303918301 Frigidaire Foil Heater with pre-cut wires for assembly
  • 120v/6a Rocker Switch
  • 2x Posi-Lock Tool-less wire splicers

Please note that garage heater kits are designed for mechnically-timed and controlled refrigerators. If your refrigerator uses an adaptive defrost board and control board, this is unlikely to work for you. Your refrigerator MUST have a mechanical cold control system to use this style kit. We are developing another kit for systems using 12 VDC. 

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Steph E
Video Instructions link here This is a link to Ben's how-to video with install guidance.


Can this be used for any brand of fridge or just a Frigidaire?

David Strattner
Frigidaire garage heater kit

Worked exactly as needed, no more liquid ice cream! Kit came quickly, had everything I needed, installed smoothly, and solved a nagging issue. Thanks Ben!

Get it if you need it

Works great and it was easy to install


Easy to install. Seems to have corrected my issue. Would be nice to have instructions on how to find the YouTube video. The video has excellent instructions.

We are working on a troubleshooting and video QR code to include on all new units. Thanks for the feedback!

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