Whirlpool Washer Capacitor(s)

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Model #: W10804665 / 45uf
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If your Whirlpool washing machine is agitating and spinning slowly, never reaching full capacity, its possible your capacitor could be damaged or discharging at a level that never allows the machine to operate properly. Typically, this can be verified with a multimeter, or visual inspection of the capacitor being potentially damaged.

We offer the 2 major styles of Whirlpool capacitors with different capacitance values. Its critical you choose one with the right "UF" value as the right one will be much longer lasting than one that is off-spec. 

W10278556 has a 45 uf value, and has a replacement part # of: W10804665, which is the one we currently stock and sell for the 45uf Capacitor. 

W10278117 has a 50 uf value, and has a replacement part # of: W10804664


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