Whirlpool Dryer Noise Repair Kit 4392065 (includes 691366, 341241, 349241T )

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This is a complete kit to fix or solve noises associated with a Whirlpool lint-top dryer. If you have a noise coming from the drum area, this includes all major wear parts that will solve the majority of noise issues.

Included in the kit is:

  • 691366 - Idler Pulley with Pulley Housing and Wheel
  • 341241 - 93" Dryer Belt for Drum
  • 349241T - 2x Pack of Roller Wheels for Drum + Mounting Pieces
  • 180-grit, 3 x 3.6" sanding sheet for roller wheel shafts

Additionally, note the inclusion of sandpaper to the typical kit - this is added as a convenience to sand/repair the expensive roller shafts to new condition by removing any possible debris or burrs on the shafts. 


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