W11307244 Whirlpool Washer Lid Lock Assembly

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This is the lid lock assembly for many newer Whirlpool / Maytag / Amana washing machines. The substitute / original part# is W10682535,  W10838613, or  W10838613VP,  W11253733 and this is an updated version of that model from Exact Replacement Parts.


Models this lid lock assembly works for/fits:

7MMVWC416FW0, 7MMVWC417FW0, 7MMVWC465JW0, 7MMVWC565FW0, 7MMVWC565FW1, ATW4516HW0, ATW4675EW0, MVWC215EW1, MVWC415EW1, MVWC415EW2, MVWC416FW0, MVWC416FW1, MVWC465HW0, MVWC465HW1, MVWC465HW2, MVWC465HW3, MVWC555DW1, MVWC565FW0, MVWC565FW1, MVWC565FW2, MVWX655DW1, MVWX655DW2, NTW4516FW0, NTW4516FW1, NTW4516FW2, NTW4516FW3, NTW4519JW0, NTW4519JW1, NTW4605EW0, NTW4605EW1,  NTW4615EW0, NTW4635EW0, NTW4655EW0, NTW4655EW1, NTW4665GW0, NTW4705EW0, NTW4705EW1, NTW4755EW0, NTW4755EW1, 1CWTW4705GW1, 1CWTW4815EW0, 1CWTW4815EW1, 1CWTW4815EW2, 1CWTW4845EW0, 1CWTW4845EW1, 1CWTW4845EW2, 2DWTW4705EW1, 2DWTW4705EW2, 2DWTW4815GW0, 2DWTW4815GW1, 2DWTW4845EW0, 2DWTW4845EW1, 2DWTW4845EW2, 7MWTW1500EM0, 7MWTW1500EM1, 7MWTW1700EM1, 7MWTW1805EM1, 7MWTW1950EW1, 7MWTW1955EW1, 8TWTW4955JW0,  8TWTW4955JW1, 8TWTW6000JW0, 8TWTW6000JW1, ATW4516MW0, CAW11544EW1, CAW11544EW2, CAW35114GW0, CAW35114GW1, CAW38125HW0, CAW38125HW1, CAW42114GW0, CAW42114GW1, CAW42114GW2, CAW8350EW0, CAW8350EW1, CAW8350EW2, CAW9352EW1, CAW9352EW2, ITW4671EW0, ITW4671EW1, ITW4771EW0, ITW4871FW0, ITW4871FW1, ITW4871FW2, ITW4871FW3, ITW4880HW0, ITW4880HW1, ITW4880HW2, ITW4880HW3, ITW4971EW0,  ITW4971EW1, MVWC465HW4, MVWC565FW3, NTW4516FW4, NTW4519JW2, RTW4516FW0, RTW4516FW1, RTW4516FW2, VAW3584GW0, VAW3584GW1, VAW3584GW2, WTW4616FW0, WTW4616FW1, WTW4616FW2, WTW4616FW3, WTW4655JW0, WTW4655JW1, WTW4655JW2, WTW4715EW2, WTW4810EW1, WTW4815EW1, WTW4815EW2, WTW4816FW0, WTW4816FW1, WTW4816FW2, WTW4816FW3, WTW4850HW0, WTW4850HW1, WTW4850HW2, WTW4850HW3,  WTW4855HW0, WTW4855HW1, WTW4855HW2, WTW4855HW3, WTW4915EW1, WTW4915EW2, WTW4950HW0, WTW4950HW1, WTW4950HW2, WTW4950HW3, WTW4955HW0, WTW4955HW1, WTW4955HW2, WTW4955HW3, WTW5000DW1, WTW5000DW2, WTW5000DW3, WTW5005KW0

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jay Dougherty
Better than Amazon

I bought a cheaper lid switch off Amazon that was supposed to fit my washer, it didn’t. I saw a couple of YouTube videos, that were very informative, have not had an issue since ordering this part. This will be my go to place for appliance parts. Thanks

Jessi Dullinger

Was so happy that they shipped out the part that day!

Dylan Pendleton
Fixed it

Ben was over the top helpful. 20 out of 5 stars!

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