W10503278 Whirlpool Refrigerator Control Board - Jazz Model

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Whirlpool Refrigerator Controll Board. Fits approximately 1,500 models from Whirlpool, Maytag, Amana, and more.

Common reasons to replace this control board involve the unit attempting to defrost, but not clearing coils due to compressor relay sticking "On" and running continually, preventing proper defrosting. 

Unit will need reprogrammed once installed - see manual/video for more information.

Alternative Part#: WPW10503278


Customer Reviews

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Donna James
Perfect replacement control board

Can’t thank you enough for your YTube video and the info on a cost saving replacement part that is not OEM, but functions the same. Easy to install and flawless performance. You saved my bacon!!! Best Regards, DJ.

John Foster
Fixed my Kenmore

The compressor of my Kenmore refrigerator was running constantly, and the coils were icing up. This fixed the problem, saving me about $1,500 - the cost of a new fridge. Not difficult to install, either.

Fantastic product

Saved around $150 by buying this instead of an OEM one from Repair Clinic. This was literally plug and play. The control board was already pre-split for me, and the install was less than 2 minutes once the old one was removed. It already seemed to be pre-programmed, as I didnt have to complete the simple programming sequence; I just popped it in, turned the breaker back on, and it immediately worked. The only gripe I have, which really is just me being anal, is that the LEDs are red instead of factory green. But again, to save $150, f*ck it. And let's not forget to mention the fact that Ben's Appliances provided a fantastic how-to video to replace this control board, so I'm pretty sure my very un-handy wife could've completed this replacement project.

Steve Grant

Thank you Ben,
I was able to fix my own refrigerator! I would never have been able to diagnose and fix this on my own. I replaced the control board and it is working perfectly. I would have never even thought to look at the control panel as being the problem. Way above my pay grade. I would not have had the knowledge to program it either. Thank you so much Ben. It was an honor to order the board from you. I love to speak and vote with my money. If I encounter another problem, guess the first place that I will go.
Steve from Ontario

john dennon
Refer not defrosting

The new board works perfectly. You saved me hundreds of dollars! You instructions are very easy to follow and you saved me $120.00 on the board. You are a lifesaver! Keep it up. Thank you so much.

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