Silco 4500 RTV Sealant

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The most popular, best sealant for appliances!

RTV (room temperature vulcanizing) sealant is one of the most useful things in appliance repair, due to its ability to seal an area effectively, making it both moisure-resistant and airflow-restricting. There are quite a few uses for this kind of sealant, between restoring refrigerator door gaskets, repairing door boots in washers, and sealing refrigerators where liners have left a gap.

Many, many technicians use the Silco brand sealant, and we've had phenomenal results with it at our store - we think you will too.

One of the primary uses for this would be in tandem with our Secondary Heater Kit to seal the plastic evaporator panel to the refrigerator once the kit is installed, to seal moisture from getting in or out during normal operation as another way to guarantee the refrigerator doesn't ice up.

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