Samsung Secondary Heater - Heater Only

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Length Type: 18"
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This is the heater only for purchase. No other items are included in this listing. If you are overseas in a country where 240v is standard (AUS, UK, ect), that heater will be shipped instead of the 120v unit.

Available in 1 or 10-unit quantities.

Heater Specifications:

120v/240v Unit

20 Watts Heat Output

Heater Probe Length: Approx 18" or 36"

Wire Leads Length: Approx 35"

Customer Reviews

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My order must have been lost

The correct heater was sent, however it took almost a month between placing the order and receiving it. I did get tracking information the day after ordering the heater, but for the month the tracking URL only showed that the shipping label was created - not sent. I sent an email requesting the shipping status. I never got a response, but a few days later the heater showed up.

Hi Frank,

I apologize about the order. The item got lost on the way to the post office, so we did have to re-process and re-send. We did, however, respond to your E-mail on May 16th, literally 5 minutes after you E-mailed us (You E-mailed at 11:48am, we responded at 11:53am as per our E-mail system). Glad to hear its working as intended!

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