Samsung Refrigerator Icemaker Heater Kit BA-00090

Size: Full Depth Heat Pad (8.5in)
Sale price$28.99


A new way to solve your Samsung Icemaker woes! 

After selling our popular secondary heater for the Samsung refrigerator evaporator coils, we now are introducing a secondary heater for Samsung icemakers that typically are rendered inoperable due to extensive ice/frost build up on the lower plastic cover. 

This kit taps into your icemaker's 120v electrical line which powers a heater to harvest ice in the icemaker. While this is running, the secondary heater runs to gently warm up the bottom of the icemaker to remove any ice or frost buildup from the housing that often forms. 

Each heater pad is designed to fit specifically for either full-depth or counter-depth refrigerators. Both have an identical heat capacity of 6 watts to ensure a gentle heat profile that works to keep frost away, but not the ice you want to use!

The Secondary Heater Fits the Following Ice Makers:

Full-Depth Heating Pad: DA97-12317A,  DA97-12317B,  DA97-15217A,  DA97-15217B,  DA97-15335A, DA97-15217D, DA97-15217DCM

Counter-Depth Heating Pad: DA97-13718C, DA97-13718A,  DA97-18859A, DA97-13718CCM

Instructional Guide:

Defrost Guide How-To

In-Refrigerator UI System:
In-Door Ice Dispenser UI System:
"Table-Top" UI:

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Susan Betancourt
Fixed for a while

So I waited to give this review in order to see how long it took for the ice maker to freeze. I was thrilled, I got 6 weeks without needing to defrost. And when it needed defrosting it wasn’t as bad as usual. I wasn’t complaining. Here’s the not so good part…after the thawing cycle (yes, with reset) the ice maker no longer makes ice. It stopped working. Not sure if the heater was too much for the FD cycle but there you have it. Good luck

Good fit, but…

Two thing’s I found after installing the defrost tape: I get water dripping from the ice maker under drain pan where the defrost tape goes. There water drips into the ice tray and turns the ice cubes into a large chunk of ice. Second, the wires from there defrost tape can get sucked into the ice maker and wrap around the ice ejector if you follow the instructions. I suggest first adding a strip of tape over the gap where you will run three wires from the back to the front of the unit to prevent the wires from slipping inside, then tapping the wires on top of the first strip.

David Williams
Making more ice than ever

I’m not sure why, but not only did the heater solve the icing problem, The ice maker seems to be making more ice. Before, I would press a glass against the dispenser and it would take a number of turns of the auger before I started to get any ice. Now, it dispenses ice much quicker. The bin must have more ice in it for this to happen.

Stewart Thomas
Ice maker still not working

I have purchased 2 of your products to repair my ice maker and it still doesn’t work. I don’t think it’s getting water to it. The repair kit for the refrigerator worked great but I’m not so happy about the ice maker repairs. I know that you have a larger and more expensive kit available but I refuse to throw that much money into that POS Samsung refrigerator and then have something else in it fail. I purchased a countertop ice maker for much less.

Kenneth Davis
Just completed Install

Just completed Install. Installation video was very good. It will probably take 30days to verify that it has fixed the ice buildup problem.

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