Samsung Refrigerator Icemaker - DA97-13718C

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Ice Maker Model: DA97-13718C
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If your Samsung Icemaker is no longer operating properly, replacing the icemaker may solve your problems. We now stock both the "Short" (13718C) and "Long" (15217D) ice maker for most Samsung ice makers made from 2013 through 2021. 

These icemakers are a common part of the ice maker not working failure, and are also prone to warping or damage when the ice making cabinet is overheated by a hair dryer or other extremely hot warming device that isn't the defroster.

Note that the DA97-13718C is for the shorter, counter-depth 8-cube model of ice maker. If you have any confusion or questions about what is right for you, send us an E-mail. 


 The DA97-13718C Unit replaces, but is not limited to:

DA97-18859A, DA97-13718A


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