Samsung Refrigerator Ice Bucket Assembly DA82-01396A

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This replacement Samsung Refrigerator ice bucket includes an upgraded stainless steel auger system, and replacement lock set. This is for the longer/full-depth Samsung refrigerators.

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Ron L
Want to fix your Samsung ice maker problem you must check out Ben's Appliance

Glad I found Ben's youtube. I saved lots of money and headaches instead of using Amazon. Called him and he was always glad to help.

Matthew Gibson
Samsung Ice Bucket

My unit doesn't properly open to allow ice to be dispensed without crushing the ice. The issue with crushed ice is that it tends to take longer to dispense and creates a bit more of a mess. Perhaps I got a bad one. Another user complained of the same problem.

I reached out to customer service but no action has been taken as of yet.

If it would properly open to dispense non crushed ice, it would be 5/5 stars.

David Betancourt
Ice bucket -- Perfect fit!!

The ice bucket for my Samsung was dead on a perfect fit and I am very pleased! Thank you very much!

jerry shavrnoch
Samsung Refrigerator Ice Bucket Assembly DA82-01396A?

The appearance of the product looks good. It appears to be made well. However, the performance is frustrating. When the ice is dispensed, it crushes the ice like a snow-cone consistency regardless of the setting. Then this will melt in the chute and the leak down the front of the refrigerator. Any feedback from Ben's Appliance would be appreciated.

Keith S
Exactly what was needed

Fitment on new latch was a little tight on my Samsung model but I finally have a new ice bucket and ice maker is back in business!

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