Samsung Refrigerator Defrost Sensor DA32-10104N

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The DA32-10104N is a newer revised version of other defrost and temperature sensors on a Samsung Refrigerator. It is approximately 9", and the Molex harness style should be noted. If this part goes bad in your refrigerator, it can cause temperatures to be erratic, or too high or low, depending on how it failed, as well as premature defrost termination. A typical sensor such as this one should measure 5,000 ohms @ 77*F when tested with a multimeter. If the number goes above or below that by 10%, its likely bad, causing many issues for your refrigerator. 

Customer Reviews

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Robert Kolupa
So far so good!

Instructions were very well explained everything went real well again so far so good thanks guys your channel is awesome!

seems working as described

seems working as described, thanks!

Tom Wagner

Has not froze uo yet so I think it works!!!!!!!!

Keith Ford
Easy Install

The instructions in the video made this an easy install. The parts were well packaged. The entire experience reeked of a job well done. Just got it installed so we'll see how things are in a few weeks, but I feel confident.

John H.
Fast Service, very helpful

My fridge developed the dreaded Samsung ice dam in the refrigerator. I contacted Ben's Appliances after seeing a YouTube video of his about the problem to confirm the parts would fit my fridge, ordered them online and within a couple of days had them in hand and replaced/installed the new parts. Its been several weeks and the issue has not returned. So far, great parts, great service and great instructions! Thank you.

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