Samsung Refrigerator Defrost Sensor DA32-10104N

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The DA32-10104N is a newer revised version of other defrost and temperature sensors on a Samsung Refrigerator. It is approximately 9", and the Molex harness style should be noted. If this part goes bad in your refrigerator, it can cause temperatures to be erratic, or too high or low, depending on how it failed, as well as premature defrost termination. A typical sensor such as this one should measure 5,000 ohms @ 77*F when tested with a multimeter. If the number goes above or below that by 10%, its likely bad, causing many issues for your refrigerator. 

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James Fausett
Samsung Icing Repair

Installed parts and refrigerator is working great at this time.

Dennis Bilodeau

Samsung Refrigerator Defrost Sensor DA32-10104N

Michael Edwards
Just what I needed

Ordered the Samsung Refer defrost thermistor and aux heater kit after watching your informative and intertwining video. Just what I needed. Actually didn’t need the sensor but for $9 it was worth replacing. Repair shop wanted over $300 and without looking at it told me it was probably the thermistor. The other items in the kit were definitely needed. Keep up the videos and the ratings of appliances.

James Doak
It works

By taking my time , using a hair dryer, reviewing each step on YouTube’s . I got it done. It has been almost a month, and no water or ice build up in the crisper or drawers. Lot cheaper than a new fridge.


This kit was perfect and the YouTube video along with it was so easy to follow. I am a single mom who did all the work myself in just a few hours including thaw time.

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