Samsung Refrigerator (Freezer) Icemaker DA97-07603B / DA97-07603BCM

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This is the Choice Parts Manufacturing version of the Samsung DA97-07603B ice maker. This is a drop-in replacement for the FREEZER icemaker on many Samsung refrigerator models. This will not fit for the in-door icemaker on many models, and only fits the unit in the freezer. 

This model number will replace the DA97-07603A version, but is not a suitable substitute for the DA97-07603C icemaker on other models.

Fits the following Samsung Refrigerators:

  • RF220D**
  • RF220N**
  • RF221N**
  • RF22A4**
  • RF23HC**
  • RF260BE**
  • RF261BE**
  • RF263TE**
  • RF27T5**
  • RF28HD**
  • RF28HF**
  • RF28R6**
  • RF28T5**
  • RF30HD**
  • RF323T**

If your Samsung refrigerator does not start with these numbers, it may not be compatible. Please contact us as needed for more info.

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