Samsung Refrigerator Drain Tube Set - DA97-04049E

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The most affordable drain tube set is available!

We were unable to find a good, affordable, supplier of Samsung DA97-04049E drain tubes, so we ended up finding a factory, purchasing the tooling, and made a run of the Samsung drain tubes which commonly fail and clog up on a Samsung refrigerator.

These drain tubes are seemingly universal to all RF and RJ labeled Samsung refrigerators.

Our drain tubes are a 5-piece assembled tube. Many Samsung factory tubes are 3 or 4 piece assemblies which are more cheaply made, and the improved DA97-04049E iterations are the more expensive, better 5-piece styles including the proper one-way duckbill adapters for the drain tubes.

Many times, your refrigerator can have the drain tube clog with derbis or other constructions, causing water to overflow or freeze in the refrigerator, causing moisture issues. The drain tube(s) are designed to replace the cheaper, stock, Samsung design with an improved model. 


Customer Reviews

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Great replacement to old drain tube.

Bob Roundtree
Worked great

Tubes were much superior to original tubes as was the drain clip. Relatively easy to install.

Fast Shipper Arrived New in Box

Great Price for product. Unfortunately. that wasn't the issue to solve the over freezing. Something more nefarious going on.

Matt D'Atri
Fixed the problem!

These are the "new" design and the price was right. I just ran into the tubes kept popping out of the mounting piece. I did not find a way to lock them in place, so hopefully they will stay put. If not, I'll use a dab of silicone. All good and much better than the original tubes that were now closed and very brittle.


Works great and looks way better than the original

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