Samsung Ice Maker & Moisture Heater Kit

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Repair Kit Type: Complete Icemaker Repair Kit - (DA97-19898A, DA82-02367A, SIL-4500)
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An Affordable Package to Help Out Your Samsung SpaceMaker Ice Maker's Woes!

The most common question we get regarding Samsung Refrigerators is "How can I fix my Ice maker which keeps getting iced over?"

The answer is to prevent moisture build-up in the cabinet. There are many ways to do this, including the Secondary Heater Kit we currently sell for the evaporator system. But this kit gives you an additional, affordable way of helping to mitigate the icing issue: by sealing the cabinet, installing drain clips, and the new icemaker retainer (which can get damaged via the icing issue in the first place), and a larger revised drain tube and heater, you may be able to prevent or eliminate icing issues.

Our New Revised "Complete Kit", includes the following items:

  • New, Revised DA97-19898A Drain Tube with Pre-Installed 3M Sealant and 2.3w DC Drop-In Heater (OEM Ugpgraded Style) by Choice Parts Mfg.
  • DA82-02367B Y-Clip and Retention Set
  • Silco Sil-Bond RTV 4500 Food Grade Sealant (Info:
  • Installation Guide with other additional no-cost fixes and solutions


We also offer other kit options such as:

DA97-19898A Drain Tube with Pre-Installed 3M Sealant and 2.3w DC Drop-In Heater (OEM Ugpgraded Style) - If in case yours has been damaged, or you've purchased our other kits in the past and need only the drain tube with the revised heater.

Icemaker Moisture Kit - This kit is the preferred kit if you are replacing the Samsung Ice Maker Auger, as the augers we sell will already include the revised drain-tube pre-installed. This comes with the DA82-02367A Y-Clip and Retainer Set, as well as a 3oz Bottle of SIL-4500 food grade sealant. 

Icemaker Heater Kit Only - If you prefer to only get the heater kit and keep the older style drain tube, you can purchase only the heating system and sealant kit with the Frost King R3.0 tape and additional HVAC foil tape for sealing the unit.

Moisture and Heater Kit Without Tube - This is a more affordable choice without the drain tube, as we produce the heater kit ourselves which is available at a lower bundled price. 


Installation Guide for Moisture leak kit and heater kit:

This kit will not repair a broken ice maker, or a warped/damaged icemaker box. Other than the control board and icemaker, our kit contains a similar or better solution than Samsungs to repair your icemaker! In our teardowns of the factory solution, we believe our heater+insullation is superior than the factory, with the clip and retention set being at the same level of quality as the Samsung kit.

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Fixed my fridge as promised

If you follow their video, it's a pretty easy installation. My fridge is running without issues now, I even think it is working even better than when it was brand new. Happy I found Ben's appliance

Justin Frost
Worth Every Penny

This kit comes with the exact parts needed along with comprehensive instructions. Thanks, Ben!

Michael Sorrell
Heater Wire Should be Longer

Love your YouTube channel and bought the Samsung ice maker heater after watching your video. Works great and hasn’t iced up since, but the heater wire was extremely short compared to the one in your video and I had to splice additional wire to get it to the main wiring of the fridge. Other than that, great product and fast shipping.

Frank LaRUE

Samsung Ice Maker & Moisture Heater Kit

Brian Engellau
Products arrived, haven’t installed yet...

I haven’t installed the parts yet for medical reasons. This is the third request for a review on these parts. However, when I asked for Ben’s to resend the list of parts to purchase to repair the Samsung ice maker, it was all silence. I made a second request and still it was all silence…To me that’s just the wrong. I can’t fault the parts for lousy customer service, so four stars. Let’s just hope the parts are actually good when I get better.

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