Samsung Ice Maker Auger Assembly DA97-12540G

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This auger assembly contains all parts and components to fully replace your Auger Assembly in the case of it not working, or has been warped due to plastic melting in the defrost cycle.

This unit is designed for standard-depth Samsung refrigerators, both French Door and Side by Side Units. The correct Icemaker if buying as a set is DA97-15217D.

Included components are:

  • Auger Motor Assembly
  • Icemaker Fan
  • Icemaker Temperature Sensor
  • Drain Tube
  • Drain Heater Kit, Pre-Installed

This kit replaces 100% of components within the auger system. Icemaker and ice box are sold separately. Consider purchasing SIL-4500 with the auger to seal the icebox when the auger is removed. 

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