Samsung Dryer Heating Element DC47-00019A & More

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Package: Heating Element Only
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Brand: Exact Replacement

Warranty: 1 Mfg. Warranty

 This Samsung Heater is Made in North America

Will This Element Work for my Dryer?

If your Samsung Dryer is having heating issues, the element is the central culprit in the dryer. Without it operating properly, your dryer will never get hot. The ERP Samsung Heating Element is a fantastic solution that has OEM Quality at a non-OEM price.

The element isn't the only thing in the heat system, though: sensors can also fail that will cause the element never to get hot, as the electricity does not properly reach the system. Most professional technicians agree that when you replace the element, going ahead and replacing all sensors is a good idea, as it basically rebuilds the entire heating system. 

Additionally, as an upgraded offer, you can throw in the pulley assembly, belt, and rollers at a reduced cost to essentially rebuild your all your Samsung Dryer's component system.

Element Will Also Work for: Whirlpool Dryer Element #WP35001247

Sensors Also Work for: Whirlpool WP40113801, WP35001087 

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