Samsung 3-Wire Dryer Element + Housing and Sensors DC93-00154A

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This is the FULL plug and play Samsung Heating Element canister. You simply detach the old one, and screw in the new one where needed, and attach the two lead wires and you're DONE. No working with installing the new element - the full kit is completely pre-assembled for you. 

This kit contains the DC47-00032A heating element, the DC47-00018 Thermostat, and the DC96-00887 Thermal Fuse. If you are worried about assembling the heating system, then this is the easiest, best solution for you. The kit contains all the items related to full restoration of the 3-wire heating system on your dryer.

BONUS: We now also include the DC32-00007A Dryer Thermistor free of charge. It will need to be installed to the blower housing, but with this new, free, included, sensor, all heating-based components will be able to be changed in one simple package.

This works for the following Samsung dryers:

  • DV45H63**
  • DV48J77**
  • DV50K86**
  • DV520A**
  • DV52J87**
  • DV56H9**
  • DVE52M**
  • DVE54M***
  • DVE54R***

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