Samsung Refrigerator Secondary Heater Kit

Moisture Kit: Add Moisture Kit (DA82-01415A)
Splice Type: Posi-Tap
Heater Length: 24" (61cm)
Sale price$54.99


A Final Fix for One of Samsung's Biggest Fridge Failures - The Dreaded "Ice Ball" That Causes Leaks, No Cooling, and More!

This kit is designed to potentially fix the following problems on a Samsung French Door Refrigerator (although it could work on other styles as well):

  • Refrigerator Cabinet Not Cooling Properly (due to ice build-up)
  • Refrigerator Cabinet with Water in Drawers
  • Refrigerator Making Noise due to Ice on Evaporator Fan
  • Refrigerator Ice Build-Up inside Refrigerator Cabinet

Please note this does not replace any part in your refrigerator: If you have a broken fan, or bad defrost heater rod, this will not fix those parts, and they will need replaced. If you have tried all the other "Solutions" to resolve any of the 4-mentioned issues and its still persisting, then a secondary heater kit is likely the solution.

Included in the FULL kit:

  1. Silicone Defrost Heater - 18" / 15-watt model and 24" / 20-watt model, 3ft Power Cord Length. Power cord can be cut down to size needed, heat probe is bendable/foldable and is extremely flexible to custom fit to a needed solution, but cannot be cut.
  2. 14-16 AWG Posi-Tap Connectors OR 3m ScotchLok Wire Splicers
  3. 10 High Temperature, 6" Cable Ties
  4. 10mil vial of dielectric grease to waterproof new electrical lines + wooden applicator

    The Moisture Kit Includes:

  5. Samsung Defrost Drain Probe DA61-06796A
  6. 30" x 2" HVAC Tape for Liner & Evaporator Panel Repair
  7. Frost King© Insulated Tape for Drain Pan / Drainage Kit Update (4pcs at 6" with notched ends for water routing under drain pan)
  8. Samsung Drain Tube Kit (DA97-04049E) - To replace the older, cheaper and usually broken Samsung OEM drain tubes with a fresh, revised drain tube set.


Included in the HEATER ONLY kit:

  1. Silicone Defrost Heater - 120V, 20 Watts, 36in Heater Length, 3ft Power Cord Length. Power cord can be cut down to size needed, heat probe is bendable/foldable and is extremely flexible to custom fit to a needed solution.
  2. 14-16 AWG Posi-Tap Connectors OR 3m ScotchLok Wire Splicers
  3. 10 High Temperature, 6" Cable Ties
  4. 15mil vial of clear silicone VC 6 1/2 sealant to waterproof new electrical lines + wooden applicator

Compatability: This kit will work with all "French Door" Samsung refrigerators EXCEPT certain Flex Door models. The only known model that is incompatible is the RF23J9011 unit. If you are unsure if this kit will work with your flex-door Samsung, please contact us with your model# to confirm. 

Now with a 240v choice for our overseas shoppers.

 Note: For International orders in countries using 240v electricity, we will ship the 18" heater probe only, as it is the only style we have in that voltage. US/CA customers can choose either 18" or 24"

Installation Guide to Kit:


Customer Reviews

Based on 382 reviews
Howie Dew

Extremely well thought out kit. Great video presentation too.

Samsung Refrigerator Secondary Heater Kit

Kit was installed without complications. It's only been a couple of weeks so I will have to reserve judgement on the long term fix. On a side note, very important to ensure you defrost the refrigerator fully, the force defrost is likely not going to effectively defrost enough to get the panel off without damage. I emptied my fridge and left overnight, gave me an opportunity to give the fridge a good cleaning anyway. And the side benefit, so far anyway, is that my ice maker is working again. It hadn't worked in a long time, since the last time I force defrosted the ice maker. But that only lasted a short time. Not sure if this fix will help or it will stop working again shortly? Good luck, watch the video and get 'er done!

Demetrio Rodriguez
Smart kit to Try to fix newest Fridges

Smart kit to try to Fix newest Fridges. I hope this kit solves our problem of building big chongs of ice .
At first I replace just the fan 1 year ago . But at this time the problem still . We unplugged and defrost the whole unit every 6 months until I noticed this was ineffective. So my family give me the last chance to solve this matter.
Let’s see if Ben’s knowledge save me this time.
Anyways I would appreciate your time to put your videos in YouTube. Thank Ben’s .

Jaquelin vazquez
Late delivery

I pay extra for my order to get delivered faster and it still hasn’t arrived!

Ken P
Great Product.

Refrigerator has never worked so good!

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