Ice Maker Water Line - Replacement Universal Water Tank

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A Cheap DIY Fix for a Broken Water System!

In many cases, we've seen broken water reservoirs in Samsung and other brand systems. Sadly, these tanks are both extremely expensive and typically unavailable. However, in many cases, you must have a reservoir in place to run water in your system. This item is a 25 foot line of freeze-proof PEX-B icemaker line.

The simplistic idea is to use what can fill the reservoirs previous area with the coiled water line, then trim the excess flared ends on the water line to install on the remaining fittings.

This product, due to size, will not have the same water capacity as an actual water reservoir, but holds approximately 7 US ounces of water that will be chilled to the refrigerator's temperature. The most important part, though, is if you experience temperature fluctuations that would cause the system to ice up, the water line is designed to expand and flex, preventing it from leaking and causing further damage and disruption to your water system.


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