GE Washer Water Valve - WH13X26535

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Modern GE Washing Machines are known to have problems with a leaky washer water valve. This problem can almost always be solved by insuring the water lines are clog-free which prevents possible obstructions in the valve, as well as purchasing a new set of washer water valves.

Please note this no longer comes with a rubber gasket where the thermistor may go. If yours has a thermistor and gasket on the old unit in front of the washer solenoids, you will need to swap it out. 

Replaces the following part#s: WH13X24386,  WH13X24392

The WH13X26535 water valve is one of the most common GE water valves, and fits the following models:

  • GTW460**
  • GTW465**
  • GTW485**
  • GTW490**
  • GTW500**
  • GTW525**
  • GTW540**
  • VTW540**

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