GE Refrigerator Defrost Thermostat WR50X10068

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The GE WR50X10068 Defrost Bi-Metal Thermostat is the most popular, basic thermostat for GE refrigerators, and is used in a huge number of GE Side by Side refrigerators.  The temperature range is from 140-30*F.

If this part is defective, the defrost heater simply will not run. The only way to test this part is to ensure its within the temperature specification, and use a multimeter to test continuity. A tell-tale sign of a defective defrost sensor is a swollen black cap, indicating failure.

This part# replaces: WR50X10015, WR50X10017, WR50X10018, WR50X10028, WR50X10051, WR50X10052, WR50X10053, WR50X10054, WR50X10074, WR50X10075, WR50X10079.

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