DP2 Universal Drain Pump

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This is the DP2 Universal Drain Pump from Choice Parts.

This unit has a common size, feature, and displacement of many other expensive drain pumps. By replacing the pump and keeping the housing, it allows for a much more affordable price with a more robust, OEM-style motor. This unit includes a different wire harness system and mounting bracket than the DP1, which allows it to fit to different washer pump housings.

Replaces/Fits the following Drain Pumps from the following brands:

  • DC31-00054A

  • DC96-00774A,

  • DC96-01328A

  • DC96-01414A

  • DC96-01700A

  •  22002794
  • 22002939
  • 22003244
  • 131802000
  • 13889800
  • 134051100
  • 134740800
  • 137108000
  • 137151900
  • WH23X10028
  • 436440

For other brands/models, use the DP2 Universal Drain Pump instead


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