Samsung Refrigerator Evaporator Cover DA97-12609C

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If your evaporator cover becomes too waterlogged, has styrofoam damage, or has cracked severely, replacing it is very important. Without the evaporator cover being in good working condition, air won't flow through the vents properly, or can store moisture during defrost, icing up the evaporator fan, or causing the refrigerator to leak.

This assembly replaces both the entire panel AND the fan as one unit. 

This item is manufactured and sold by Choice Parts Manufacturing, and may include the part# DA97-12609CCM

Measures 17" Wide and 25.5" tall

Fits the following Samsung Refrigerator Models:

  • RF260B**
  • RF261B**
  • RF262B**
  • RF263B**
  • RF263T**
  • RF265B**

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Very flimsy parts and cracked immediately

I purchased this cover parts and tried to replace my existing cover, but when it was applied, some portion of the new cover immediately cracked. Later I could figure out that my problem was the fan, so I removed the fan from the cracked new cover and replaced the fan of my old cover and put my old cover again to the fridge. This could solve the issue. I could have saved some money if I had purchased only the fan... but anyway all the videos uploaded by Ben about Samsung fridge were very useful and I could learn a lot from them, the purchase process including shipment was very smooth, and maybe the flimsiness of the parts can be from the manufacturer, so I give 3 starts.

John M
Samsung Refrigerator Evaporator Cover DA97-12609C Perfect Replacement

Fast shipment. Fits better than the previous replacement cover I got from Samsung. This fridge had a chronic icing problem which results in broken styrofoam if you're not careful. Installed Ben's secondary heater kit and so far so good. Ben's videos are great and helped me with this and also a 5C error indicating defrost sensor problem. Sure enough,the sensor was open. Replaced and so far so good. Thanks Ben.

Richard Shimmon
Just what I needed just in time.

Second time re-visiting my Samsung abomination of a refrigerator. Its looking like this may have been part of the initial problem in frozen drain line and no fan action due to freeze up with no thaw out. So far so good. The new panel went in well and all is as it should be for now. Thanks so much for being on Utube and having good info available.
No, I MEAN it! THANK YOU! Its a nerve wracking thing to have your cold box crap out on you leaving only images of money flying out the window to slap your face. The website clearly explained what to do and how to do it...makes anyone feel like they CAN fix the issue without dumping a truckload of money out for repairs. I sincerely appreciate it! You ROCK.!

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