Appliance Cleaning Kit for Refrigerators and Dryers

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Brush Extension Length: 12 Ft.
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A Dirty Appliance Can Cost More Than a New One

You've probably seen a few appliances being cleaned in a video before, and here's the truth: dust and dirt can do a lot of horrible things in your home. Not only can it shorten the lifespan of a refrigerator or dryer, but it can cause them to run longer to operate, which will make your electric or gas bills shoot up.

A Dirty Refrigerator coil can cause it to run and run and run. This is why we include multiple items in this kit to not only clean the outside of the coil system, but the inside where a standard refrigeration brush can't work. The flexible vaccum hose attachment is small and flexible, allowing you to hit the far reaches of the refrigerator, as the hose runs approximately 2ft long, in addition to the soft silicone adaptor that works for virtually any refrigerator. The kit also includes a 15" condenser brush for pulling caked-on dirt from both the fridge and dryer. We also include a 9" mountable condenser brush for your corded or cordless drill. 


Dryer lint will cause your dryer to run longer, and risk blowing sensors, costing you a LOT of money

Many of the times we sell appliance parts or fix a customer's dryer, its not because the dryer simply broke, but because the vent was clogged. Although we're totally happy with selling parts and dryers, if the core problem isn't fixed, guess what? It'll happen again. Roughly half of the dryers we sell, go in houses where the old one broke due to a vent being restricted, clogged, or just plain destroyed. This brush set is a fraction of the price of a service call, or especially a dryer!

Included in Each Kit is:

  • 4-Inch Wide Dryer Vent Brush for ripping the lint out of your dryer vent, freeing it of all dust and dirt restrictions
  • 15-Inch Long Condenser Coil Brush for both the dryer and refrigerator - it will brush off any caked on dirt without being too unwieldy long
  • 9-Inch Long Drill-Mounted Condenser Brush when needed to really remove dirt from a hard to reach area in the refrigerator or dryer
  • 12 Feet of Flexible Brush Extensions for the Brush System + Cordless Drill Adapters the extensions are meant to go through your whole vent ductwork to push, pull, and rip out the garbage that's caked in your vent system. We also can add extra extensions to your kit as needed!
  • 30 Feet of Adhesive Tape for Brush Extensions Many users on other kits complain about the risk of extensions coming undone - we include the tape with every kit for extra security on your brush cleaning system
  • Flexible Vaccum Cleaner Hose System for your refrigerator, to clean out all the parts you can't see. Just because you have cleaned the front of the coils doesn't mean there aren't dust bunnies lurking - the cleaner hose solves that, quickly.

Customer Reviews

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Albino H Quinones
Amazing fix tool kit!!! Unbelievable helpful YouTube video instructions

I just can’t believe I was able to fix my 9 years old Samsung. I’m proud of my self (even when it took me like 8 hours the whole process) and my family is proud and grateful that I was able to fix it. I love the YouTube video instructions. I couldn’t do it without it. Every day I open my fridge door just to see if there is ice again or not. And I’m so happy to report that after a month now all it’s perfect! 😍 no more ice problems. No more fan noise. And ice maker it’s finally working perfectly. I love you guys. And God bless you 🙏🙏🙏🙏 by the way, do you have by any chance the little door kind that goes between the 2 French doors? I can’t find it anywhere. My it’s broken and have to close it manually. Thanks.

Cliff Bates
woks very well on my dryer vent. good price. quick delivery!

worked very well.good price. quick delivery!

john craig
nice kit but hose too small

the hose is too small to pick up the lint in the dryer. hose would plug up and i would have to take rods to push the lint out of the hose. rest of the kit is nice.

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