142pc Relay and Capacitor Kit for Appliance Repairs

Payment Type: Payment in Full
Kit Type: 142pc Kit
Sale price$250.00


If you've ever wanted to repair appliance control boards professionally, but don't know what components to carry, this is the kit for you. This kit contains 142 pieces of the most popular capacitors, relays, and other components to fix a huge range of appliances from all brands. In many cases, a single component is used to fix an appliance can pay for cost of the entire kit. For an additional upgrade, you can double the order to 2x of everything, 284pc in all for a better price and more flexibility with double-relay appliances. We are constantly adding to this kit, so you may find other additional parts added free of charge, too.

Included in the kit are the following parts and Quantities for the 142pc set. The 284pc set contains double of the listed quantities for ALL components.

Relay Name Qty Mfg. Replaces PN#
812H-1A-C 24VDC 1 Song Chuan G5LE-1A 24VDC
832A-1C-F-C 12VDC 1 Song Chuan SLA-S-112DJ-G
832ha-1c-f-c 12vdc 1 Song Chuan 832A-1C-S
855AWP-1A-F-S-B 1 Song Chuan
855AWP-1C-F-S-B 12VDC 1 Song Chuan
875B-1CC-F-C 12VDC 1 Song Chuan
875B-1CC-F-S 12VDC 1 Song Chuan
881H-1CC-F-S 110VDC 1 Song Chuan
888HN-1CC-F-C 1 Song Chuan
892HN-1AC-C 12VDC 1 Song Chuan 892N-1AH-F-C-12VDC
AZ2150-1A-9DEF 9VDC 1 Zetter T9AV5L12-9-01
DU1PU 12VDC 1 Idec
DYSF-D12V-P1 1 Panasonic
F3AA012E 1 Fuji
G2R-1A-E-T130 24VDC 1 Omron
G2RL-14-E 48VDC 1 Omron G2RL-14-E-CF 48VDC
G2RL-14-E-CF 12VDC 1 Omron G2RL-1-E-CF 12VDC
G5LE-1-CF 9VDC 1 Omron G5LE-1 9VDC
G5LE-1-E-5VDC 1 Omron
G5LE-1A4 9VDC 1 Arrow
G5NB-1A-E 12VDC 1 Omron G5NB-1A 12VDC
G5Q-14 5VDC 1 Omron
G5Q-14-EU 12VDC 1 Omron
HF33F-012-HS3 1 Hongfa
HF33F-012-ZS 1 Hongfa G5Q-14 12VDC
JS1-12V 1 Panasonic G5LE-1-VD 12VDC
JS1-24V 1 Panasonic G5LE-14-24VDC
JS1A-12V-F 1 Panasonic
NO.2961338 1 Phoenix Contacts 881H-1CC-F-S 110VDC
OMIF-S-124LM 1 Tyco
OZ-SS-112L1 1 Tyco
OZ-SS-112LF 1 Tyco
RTH14012 1 Tyco ALZ11F12
SFK-112DM 1 Sanyou
SLA-05DC-SL-A 1 Songle 5VDC SPST Relays
SLA-12VDC-A 2 Songle G8P-1A4P JTN1AS-PA-F 12VDC
SLA-12VDC-SL-C 1 Songle
SLA-48VDC-C 1 Songle 832HA-1C-F-C 48VDC
SLA-48VDC-SL-A 1 Songle G8P-1A4P 48VDC
SLA-S-124DJ-G 1 Songle
SLA-S-124DMJ 1 Songle
T77V1D10-12 1 Tyco
T77V1D3-24 1 TE Connectivity
T90H1D12-24-18 1 TE Connectivity
T90H5D12-24-04 1 TE Connectivity
T90S1D12-12 1 Tyco
T90S1D12-9 1 Tyco
T9AS1D12-12 1 Tyco
T9AS1D12-24 1 Tyco
T9AS1D12-24 1 TE Connectivity
T9AS1D22-12 1 Tyco
T9AS5D22-18 1 TE Connectivity
T9AV1D12-12 1 TE Connectivity
T9AV5L12-12 1 TE Connectivity





Capacitor Type Qty Lifespan Mfg.
47uf 450Volts x3 10k Panasonic
470uf 35Volts x5 10k Rubycon
680uf 35Volts x5 10k Rubycon
2200uf 16Volts x5 10k Rubycon
10uf 250Volts x5 8k Rubycon
10uf 50Volts x5 10k Rubycon
100uf 50Volts x5 8k Rubycon
1000uf 25Volts x5 10k Rubycon
220uf 50Volts x5 10k Rubycon
22uf 25Volts x5 5k Nichion
2.2uf 50Volts x5 10k Nichion
33uf 50Volts x5 10k Nichion
22uf 50Volts x5 10k Nichion
220uf 35Volts x5 8k Rubycon
1000uf 6.3Volts x5 6k Nichion
1000uf 16Volts x5 10k Rubycon
100uf 63Volts x5 10k Panasonic


220Ω, 1/4 Watt +/- 1% Resistor x5 Generic


Each case will have identifiable part numbers on each segment, so you won't need to guess on where the items are in each segment.  

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