4581EL2002H LG Dryer Roller for Drum w/Nut and Washer

Quantity: 1-Pack
Sale price$14.99


This is the OEM-grade 4581EL2002H LG Roller that includes nut, washer, and shaft. 

The model has recently been phased out from our understanding, by LG in favor of a far more expensive model that may not be functionally different from this particular model. This is the ERP brand version, and has the highest quality on the market, with only a slightly higher price tag than other models.

For price, we sell a 1-unit quantity and a 2-unit quantity. 

Customer Reviews

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Don Medalis
Lg dryer rollers

Thank you for the how to video and troubleshooting with this unit. I called the warehouse and spoke to a person who know exactly what I needed. Part arrived in a few days and had the rollers replaced. Had to disassemble the dryer, to replace the rollers. Cleaned and reassembled. Works like new no more noise. Thanks again, you saved me from buying a new unit. Love your channel. Don

Shaphan Hawks

What I can tell these are equivalent if not better than OEM at a much better price

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