200pc Relay & Capacitor Kit

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This is the newest iteration of our "Relay & Capacitor Kit". Since releasing in April 2022, we've added roughly 10 brand new relays to the set to ensure that it covers more problem appliances. We are not offering two styles of kits in this set - there is only this one current set available. Approximately 63 unique relays are included in this kit to cover many, MANY types of repairs, as well as 18 different capacitors. 

Included in the kit are the following parts and Quantities for the 200pc set. 

Relay ID Substitute PN# Quantity in Kit
881H-1CH-F-C 12VDC 2
G5Q-14 12VDC 2
SLA-48VDC-C 832HA-1C-F-C 48VDC 2
888HN-1CC-F-C 2
HF33-012-HS3 2
G2RL-1-E 12VDC G2RL-1-E-CF 12VDC 2
HF33F-012-ZS G5Q-14 12VDC 2
T77V1D3-24 2
832HA-1C-F-C 12VDC 832A-1C-S 2
833H-1C-F-S 2
T77S1D10-12 2
G2R-2 24VDC 2
832A-1C-S 12VDC 2
888HN-1AH-F-C 12VDC 2
G5G-1A 24VDC 2
NT90HAE12CB T9AS1D22-12 2
JS1-12V (G5LE-14-12VDC) 2
JS1-24V (G5LE-1-VD 24VDC) 2
AZ2150-1A-9DEF T9AV5L12-9-01 2
MPD-S-112-A 2
SLA-S-124DJ-G 2
SLA-S-124DMJ 2
855AWP-1C-C 12VDC 2
OMIF-S-124LM 2
DYSF-D12V-P1 2
HF33F-012-HSL3 2
T9AS1D12-24 2
T9AS1D22-12 1
507HN-1AC-F-C 12VDC 888HN-1AC-F-C-12VDC 2
SFK-112DM 2
875B-1CC-F-S 12VDC 2
T9AV5L12-12 2
G5NB-1A-E 12VDC G5NB-1A 12VDC 2
OZ-SS-112L1 12VDC 2
812H-1A-C 24VDC G5LE-1A 24VDC 2
G2RL-14-E 48VDC G2RL-14-E-CF 48VDC 2
JQC-25F 1
855AWP-1A-F-S-B 1
F3AA012E 1
G5LE-1-CF 1
G5Q-14 5VDC 1
T90S1D12-9 1
T9AS1D22-18 1
805WP-1CC-F-SF 1
G5NR-1A-E 1
805WP-1AC-F-CF 1
881H-1CC-F-S 110VDC NO.2961338 1
892N-TAN-F-C 12VDC 892N-1AH-F-C-12VDC 1
G5LE-1A4 9VDC 1
T9AS1D12-12 1
ALZ11F12 RTH14012 1
G5LE-1A 24VDC 2
T90H1D12-24-18 1
OZ-SS-112L1 1
JS1A-12V-F 2
T90H5D12-24-04 2
OZ-SS-112LF 2



Capacitor Type Qty Lifespan Mfg.
47uf 450Volts x3 10k Panasonic
470uf 35Volts x5 10k Rubycon
680uf 35Volts x5 10k Rubycon
2200uf 16Volts x5 10k Rubycon
10uf 250Volts x5 8k Rubycon
10uf 50Volts x5 10k Rubycon
100uf 50Volts x5 8k Rubycon
1000uf 25Volts x5 10k Rubycon
220uf 50Volts x5 10k Rubycon
22uf 25Volts x5 5k Nichion
2.2uf 50Volts x5 10k Nichion
33uf 50Volts x5 10k Nichion
22uf 50Volts x5 10k Nichion
220uf 35Volts x5 8k Rubycon
1000uf 6.3Volts x5 6k Nichion
1000uf 16Volts x5 10k Rubycon
100uf 63Volts x5 10k Panasonic


220Ω, 1/4 Watt +/- 1% Resistor x5 Generic


Each case will have identifiable part numbers on each segment, so you won't need to guess on where the items are in each segment.  

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