Coming soon - DA97-04049D

Samsung Drain Tubes

Its the last piece of the complete kit - and we'll be getting them soon!

We've 100% sourced the Samsung Drain Kit from our own suppliers, paying for our own molds and tooling. One problematic thing about this is the cost - purchasing products is one thing, but the tooling can get very expensive.

We're hoping to have these available by Early to Mid August, 2021.

Our expected price on these drain tubes will be better than anyone else, as most stores are charging $18.99 for the 2-piece kit. We're hoping to target $12.99-13.99 for the set of 2. We will have an coupon for any Samsung Secondary Kit to get these with free shipping, and will likely be including these in all Secondary Heater Kit sales. We may also sell a pre-packaged moisture kit that meets and hopefully exceeds the Samsung OEM design.